AXL: John has lived in twenty-six places in the past ten years. He found his love for APPETITE when he was living in a tent outside of Chicago. GUNS has been at his side ever since.

SLASH: Sley has been a virtuoso with his LES PAUL ever since playing  Eruption  for the Prime Minister of Italy when he was 11.  He now lives in LA and gives ROCKSTARS tone advice

IZZY: In 87' Damon was thirteen, he hiked up ten miles in the Sierras CAMPING. Someone handed him a cassette tape of Appetite for DESTRUCTION and never got it back!

ADLER: Jeff has a large collection of antique DRUMSTICKS that have been around since before you were born. He's a California native and has been rocking SUNSET STRIP since 1987. 

DUFF: Gil is a solo artist as well as a vocalist for the rock band POWR! But you better Rock with everything you got when he's onstage unless you want to meet, JUNKYARD GIL. 

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